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Discount Unimax Bingo Paper

At Bingo Supply Warehouse, we're not just bingo ink markers and balls... we're bingo paper too!

3 V 25 Up Unimax 90-99036 Series: $7.50 per 50 books http://www.bingosupplywarehouse.com/3-v-25-up-unim...

6 V 25 Up Unimax 60-69036 Series: $15.00 per 50 books http://www.bingosupplywarehouse.com/6-v-25-up-unim...

These books work well for bus tours, purse bingo, PTA, PTO, nursing homes, schools, senior citizens and adult housing. With 25 pages per book, they can be separated to five books of 5 ups.

Act now while quantities last.

"It's All About Bingo!"